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August 28, 2013

Spinning Wheel Flyer Mandrels for sale

I finally have a source for custom made Spinning Wheel Flyer Mandrels and am offering them for sale.  Made of steel with a through yarn exit hole and proper left hand threads.


All that is required is the measurement between the bearings on the maidens and it will be fabricated to those specifications.  The metal mandrels are the most difficult part of the wheel to find, usually the flyer, mandrel, whorl and bobbin are missing.  The wooden parts I have no trouble making and now I can have these made for my own restoration work and to offer for sale at the Full Chisel Store.


August 26, 2013

Pounce Dispenser

I have wanted one of these for several years and now not only do I have one, I also have them for sale at the Full Chisel Store.

pounce dispenser

Made by Tin Smith Brian Westover to my size specifications and executed in a neat and proper manner.  The gnomon indicates its diminutive size.  Three 3/4″ tall, 5 3/4″ long, the container is 2″ in diameter with a snug fitting lid.

Used to dispense pounce powder, bronzing powder, dry pigments or even garden seeds by rubbing a stick back and forth across the cocks comb on the top of the spout.  This sets up vibrations that evenly dispense the powder out the spout.

Very handy tool.


August 9, 2013

Wood Turning On the Foot Treadle Lathe

Always a good idea and in 1922 William Fairham published this book of the same title.

wood turning on the foot treadle lathe

And in 2013 Gary Roberts at Toolemera Press has reproduced this fine English volume on turning on a foot treadle lathe.  The book has some great stuff, good illustrations with patterns of all types of turnings including square turnings.  The square turning is of particular interest, must give it a try.

This book also goes well with the plans for the Wooden Treadle Lathe available at the Full Chisel Store.  Get the book from Gary and the plans from me and you are all set.


August 2, 2013

Basket Case

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I had a fair amount of cane material left from the Arts & Crafts Lamp Shade, so I decided I wanted to make a basket as I had never made one before.  With baskets it is important to have an odd number of uprights in order for the basket to be woven properly.



The base is a piece of thin aspen wood with 9 holes drilled around the edge using a gimlet drill bit.  I then cut a small trench or groove for the cane to lay flat on the bottom side of the ‘beverage holder’.  I took four strands and put them in place going down through the top, through the trench and up the adjoining hole.  The odd piece is put in place and its end secured under one of the adjoining pairs of uprights.


I wound the cane material around and around weaving in and out until I reached the desired height.  Upon getting the right height I started weaving the excess around binding the top.


I then cut the base to round, the square base made it much easier to handle, so I left it on until I was finished.  And here it is in use.




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