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August 26, 2008

Contemplating the Future

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Although this is something I seldom do, as of late I have had cause to think about what is to come.  So to start here is a better (larger) image by Travis Lovell from a scan of a print that he gave me.  The other one I posted was from his web site.  I do look rather contemplative.

Travis Lovell Image

I spent the day with Mr. Buss, wrapping and packing the tools, spent about 5 hours.  I will have to do the same on the morrow then it is ready to move.  He brought up boxes, newspaper, strapping tape, Mr. Buss was prepared and very helpful as he has been over the past four years.  When he dropped me off, I had to end the goodbyes quickly as I told him I was about to cry.  (I do have a soft side and Mr. Buss and his delightful bride Georgia are dear friends, it is the people).

I have been invited back to work Haunted Halloween and Candlelight Christmas which I will probably do, just for fun, and I have been invited back for the 2009 Season.  The Park is also interested in buying some of my tools and want a list from me of things they might need.  (One person (in the administration), whom I will not name, said that they ‘don’t want to buy anything from me that they can buy from Home Depot’, no really he said that!  Mr. Buss thought that was one of the funniest things he had ever heard).  That is pretty funny.  Well there is that block plane blade I bought there and converted into a toothing blade, I will keep that.

Now I am sure my local friends will offer to ‘store’ the furniture from my shop for me as I have no room for it where I live.  I did bring home a few things that I can use, a painted work table to replace the puncheon table my one laptop sits upon, and a chestnut candle-stand, which  holds my Oxford Universal Dictionary quite nicely.

I will be setting up a slightly different kind of shop as it will be more friendly for photography.  I am even contemplating a web cam and will be shooting more pictures and more short videos to help with the visuals on my blog and web site.  It will be a traditional shop and about a 5 to 6 minute commute (by foot).

I am excited to see exactly what I am going to do.



  1. Hi, just wanted to introduce myself. Found your blog through Shannon and wow, looks like a great blog! I’ll be stopping by more to read your old stuff and am grabbing your feed now through my feed reader so I can keep up with your new postings.


    Comment by Eric — August 27, 2008 @ 2:48 am

  2. Eric,

    Thanks for your comment, and I just read the post on Shannon’s Blog The Renaissance Woodworker and would like to thank him for his kind words. And welcome.


    Comment by Stephen Shepherd — August 27, 2008 @ 4:57 am

  3. Hi Stephen,
    Sorry to disagree, but I don’t find it funny at all, that someone there thinks they can buy the tools they need for the park from Home Depot. Rather I think it’s depressingly sad, that the level of comprehension is so low. More so, considering the brilliant work you have done to educate and inform people as to the tools, techniques, mind set and working environment of the time.

    A new beginning may be just the thing.


    Comment by Ray Gardiner — August 27, 2008 @ 9:28 am

  4. Stephen, I have been following your blog for a while, mainly just reading without commenting. One time I did have a econversation with you one Sunday night in an online forum about what is a better gluepot for hide glue, iron or copper.It saddens me to hear that you will not be returning to your shop at the park. It saddens me more that many guest will miss out on the extensive tool and woodworking knowledge that you have aquired in your life and your willingness to share it with all. It is disheartening me more that there are administrators there that do not realize what they are loosing. You are one of the few around that allows; no check that; encourages us to build a bridge from today to a time gone by. There are not that many like you with this kind of wealth of knowledge and abilities to show others how to do it. We have to appreciate every one of you. I sincerely am sorry for what has happened but am encouraged as others have mentioned that maybe one door is closing while another is opening. On a side note, I have always thought since I have been reading your blog that it was ironic that someone such as yourself who is so proficient in the “old ways of doing things”, was also so proficient in creating something so contemporary as creating a blog. For all of us who read your blog I would like to say thank you for sharing your knowledge so generously.

    Larry Chenoweth

    P.S. Now maybe you have time to come to Berea, Kentucky in November to the woodworking conference and show us first hand how you do your woodworking. I was amazed that you were not on the list of participants.

    Comment by Larry Chenoweth — August 27, 2008 @ 10:57 am

  5. Stephen

    A note on the bright side… when you first began your blog, your Alexa web rank was in the high 3,000,000’s. You’re now at 1,670,828. While the numbers may seem daunting, that’s actually a great increase in readership, linkage, RSS feeds, etc, for a specialty blog. It’s an indication of just how many people read, link to, or follow through an RSS reader. Most of this type of traffic is very hidden and difficult to monitor. Hence, the Alexa web ranking system, which, while not perfect, does a credible job of monitoring what we are doing online.


    Comment by Gary Roberts — August 27, 2008 @ 10:10 pm

  6. Stephen,
    I check your blog daily and I must say it gives me great joy. Cant wait to see your new digs!

    Ron from Nebraska

    Comment by Ron — August 27, 2008 @ 11:46 pm

  7. Ray,

    Nothing wrong with disagreement (I think you are right) and I am looking forward to the change. Thanks for your comments.


    Thank you for (finally) commenting, this post has brought some people out from the background, so it is a good thing. And while the blog thing is ‘new’, I have a different view of this whole thing. To me it is like getting together with fellow craftsmen to discuss our trade. Like when people actually got together and ‘talked’. And even though I am gazing at a LCD screen and typing on a laptop, when I talk of this old stuff, I am transported to another time and place. My plan is to ‘crash’ the get together in Berea, I am not going to register for any workshops, just hang around and meet people, stir things up.


    Thanks for the numbers, although I don’t know how that rating system works. Google analytics doesn’t keep track of all the rss feeds, so I have no idea of the visitation. (This is very useful information for me right now!) Thanks


    I will be back to the blog soon, going to do a final half day of packing today, I think I can finish. I didn’t realize how much stuff I actually had in my old shop. My new one will be a bit more tidy. Thank you for your comments.


    Comment by Stephen Shepherd — August 28, 2008 @ 6:32 am

  8. I’ll look forward to the web cam, Stephen, and I’ll look for you in Berea. : )

    Comment by The Village Carpenter — August 29, 2008 @ 12:07 pm

  9. VC,

    Yes I think that should be interesting, not sure how I am going to use it yet, but there are possibilities. Yes I think Berea will be fun and I hope to meet a lot of ‘friends’ that I have never met yet.


    Comment by Stephen Shepherd — August 29, 2008 @ 12:48 pm

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