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October 24, 2008

Dealing with my Chisel Problem, Part III

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Well I re-made the first chisel rack and am pleased with the results.  I went about it in a methodical way, although it is difficult to tell from how I botched things up.  I had all four racks cut out (with an additional length available should I need it, which I did) and only did one at a time, well I did two but the second one was acceptable as it holds the chisels by their tapered sockets, so with the luck of geometry and physics, I dodged that bullet

Chisel Rack re-make

By not doing them all at one time, I avoided having to re-make them all.  The gouge and carving tool racks are both very functional and I can now see all my chisels and gouges.

This has also freed up some space in my tool cabinet, after I removed the old three tiered rack.  I moved in the block with assorted tools and the rest of the boring bits into the vacant space.  I also have a bit of free space on the inside back side to hang up stuff I need at hand. 

With that problem largely out of the way, I started to organize my layout tools in the upper cabinet, I had already partially re-done my saw till (is still needs work), so it is time for to square away my squares.

I will soon be opening up an online Store here on my blog to offer items for sale.  Items for sale will be old tools, artifacts, shop art and Woodworker’s Note Cards.  I have permission from Clinton Whiting to reproduce and offer for sale his pen and ink drawing of the ‘Cabinet Shop’, just getting packaging material together.  The Woodworker’s Note Cards are pen and ink drawings of Traditional Tools from the eighteenth and nineteenth century.  Each card comes with an envelop and each card has a description of the tool and it date on the back.  There are about 40 images to choose from including saws, planes, braces, workbenches, &c.



  1. Nice rack. I would really like to see a few images of your saw till. Opening the online store is a great idea but I’m wondering, will we be able to beat you up on the price like you have done in the past with the flea market lady? Cheers.

    Comment by Mitchell — October 25, 2008 @ 12:13 am

  2. Mitchell,

    I will post the saw till photographs. As for beating me up on prices, that will not be necessary as My prices will be reasonable. Some items will be available wholesale in quantities. I also plan on selling my oil finishes and ‘Paint’ dry earth pigments for paint, stains and dyes. I think I may offer a couple of varnishes on special order, they take two months to make.


    Comment by Stephen Shepherd — October 25, 2008 @ 8:29 am

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