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October 28, 2008

Mother Of All…

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is what this particular piece of a spinning wheel is called.  The only thing left are the 4 plying hooks on each arm and the Mother Of All will be complete.  I have yet to nail on the treadle, but that won’t take long.  Then a coat of shellac on the whorl followed by a coat of pigmented varnish and this wheel is done.

 Mother Of All

When I was ready to chop the mortises, I decided to use a V-Channel Block and needed a way to hold it in place without damage to the turnings.  I had brought a very thick piece of leather I had at home, this piece was given to me when I bought some other leather, it was basically scrap.  It already had the holes punched in part of it, but the rest of the leather is ideal for bearings on spinning wheels.  Well the part with the holes is useless for everything but using it with a holdfast.

Mother of All 1

I have since trimmed off the good leather and now have a fine pad for use with my holdfasts.  And it is large enough to cut into two pieces for both of my holdfasts.  The leather holds the stuff securely and does not leave any marks.  The V-channel block is made of soft pine, so as not to damage my work.

I would have posted pictures of the slip feathers on the mitered door, however, when starting the kerf, the door was not secure in the arrest, it dropped to the floor and popped a joint, well two joints.  I glued it back together and will carefully cut the kerfs tomorrow.  I will secure the door down, very carefully and using and equal amount of caution, attempt the kerfs again.



  1. The original whorl had wire on one of its arms (sorry, I don’t know the proper names for the parts). Are you going to install those on the replacement and if so, why after assembly and not before? I’m not questioning your order of things, just wondering why you chose that order. Interesting to see you do all this. Thanks.

    Comment by Mitchell — October 28, 2008 @ 7:34 pm

  2. Mitchell,

    I just put it together to show the completed (so far) whorl. I will add the wire hooks to the arms as the whorl and bobbin assembly is made to be easily removed. After the bobbin is full of spun yarn then one of the upright arms is twisted releasing eh whorl, the pulley is removed and then the yarn is removed from the pulley. This is done by winding it on a kniddy-knoddy or clock reel or reel then the bobbin assembly is put back on the wheel and more yarn is spun up.

    I will put the hooks on tomorrow, providing I don’t get distracted.


    Comment by Stephen Shepherd — October 28, 2008 @ 11:04 pm

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