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March 28, 2012

Leg repair – finished

I finished the repair with a couple of coats of shellac, sprayed on using a mouth atomizer.  I had to soak the atomizer in alcohol to clean it out to make it work properly.  This is important as a blocked or slightly blocked atomizer just doesn’t work properly.  I could tell when I immediately got light headed from trying to force the atomizer to work under less then ideal conditions.

Two other legs [not repaired] on one end were not damaged but the joints were loose, so I worried them apart, cleaned the joint [of old hide glue fortunately] and glued the legs on one at a time.

Once this the hot hide glue set up overnight, I glued on the other leg.  Then it came time to glue on the repaired leg.  I had drilled the two holes for the dowels [one replacement] using a twist auger bit and a duck billed spoon bit in a brace.  Once I was happy with the fit, I glued it with hot hide glue.

I did have one glue up fiasco where I could not get the joint up tight after three attempts, so I took the joint apart and cleaned off the gelled glue and allowed it to dry overnight.  I cleaned things up again after it had dried overnight, got the joint tight, the dowel was slightly too long, which I did not notice during dry fit up.

One thing I like about my little glue pot is that I can mix up a small quantity for a small job.  One teaspoon of granular hide glue and two teaspoons of distilled water gave just the proper consistency.

I will remove the clamps today and wash the table with soap and water then treat it with a coat of Moses T’s Reviver to bring it back to near original condition.



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