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March 30, 2012

Making grape vine charcoal pigment

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After harvesting my grape vines, you can only make so many wreaths from the vines, I had a lot left over, so I decided to make up some more charcoal/pigment.  I did talk of this earlier on this post, however this is just grape vines [Vitis spp.].

I took a little bucket that I have for small scraps of various pieces of wood and my nice brazier made by blacksmith Brian Westover.

A sliver of veneer was easy to ignite and I used it together with some pine scraps to get the fire going.  I also used some grapevines in the fire.  It reminded me of the tryworks on whaling ships that used the rendered cracklings of blubber to fuel the fire.

A small hole in the lid of this tin cannister allows the gas to escape, it also came out around the lid itself.  The cannister is tightly packed with grape vines and most of them were turned to charcoal/pigment.

I did put a new handle on the brazier, the one in the first photograph is from my other brazier.




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