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April 29, 2012

Traditional Quilting Frame – gears, pawls, & a bench

I am making this for a friend and with the help of George Merrill, I got it done in record time.  Here is a picture of the quilting frame bench.  You can see the frame here, and the gears in an early stage here.

Constructed of knotty alder, the legs are mortised and tenoned into the seat and held with wedges, all construction is glued with hide glue.  It is finished with Moses T’s St. John’s Oil.

Here are the gears and pawls, I will drill, countersink and install a stand off washer of leather.  The gears have to be timed or clocked so they match up on both sides, I will mark them so they can be installed in the proper position when set up.

The gears come off for storage, so it is important they go back on the the proper position.  Need to make arrangements for the cloth to be tacked on both axles and it is ready for delivery.

If anyone is in need of a traditional wooden quilting frame, please let me know.



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  1. Hi Stephen,

    How do you make your wedges for the tenons?

    Also, when you’re completely finish with the frame, will you post pics showing the gears installed?


    Comment by Roderick Drumgoole — April 29, 2012 @ 5:30 pm

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