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June 8, 2012

Double Flax Spinning Wheel – Flyer repair

This pair of flyer’s for a Double Flax Spinning Wheel* came in from Washington State, from someone who found me on the Internet, what a wonderful invention, both the spinning wheel and the World Wide Web.

One is an original [on the right below] and in remarkably good condition only one hook showing excessive wear.  It is made of beech with an iron mandrel and iron hooks.

The other appears to be a replacement made of walnut [on the left above] and with no hooks.  Possibly made to balance out the look without being functional.  It shows no evidence of a single adjustable hook.  The mandrel is original and matches the other, this flyer is broken and ‘repaired’ with some iron wire.

I first need to refit the mandrel into the wood to close up the crack and then I will make the repairs using Hot Hide Glue.  I will then make the hooks from iron wire and drill the holes for them in the flyer..  The iron hooks are flattened with a hammer on an anvil, this helps register them in the correct position.  I will etch the iron with a fresh clove of garlic and a bit of Fish Glue in the holes to hold the iron.

Once completed a coat of Moses T’s Reviver and ship them back.


*Double Flax Wheels were sometimes called Gossip Wheels where two spinsters would spin and talk at the same time.  However I was also informed that a talented spinner, spinning from a distaff could spin two yarns simultaneously.

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