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June 11, 2012

Double Flax Spinning Wheel Flyer

While examining the unbroken original flyer for the Double Flax Spinning Wheel, I noticed that the iron hooks were replaced.  And they were replaced in new holes.

Look closely and notice the tiny plugs next to the wire hooks.  Never know what you will run into when repairing old pieces.

I have the broken flyer cleaned, etched and glued with hot hide glue and under clamp.  Tomorrow I will refit the shaft.  I noticed that the shaft only goes in one way to remain perfectly centered between the arms of the flyer.  The shaft is responsible for the fracture as the wood had shrunk causing the fracture that was repaired with wire.  There was evidence of hide glue on the repair as well, lucky for me.

I will fit the shaft, clean it off and etch it with a clove of garlic and glue it in place.  Then drilling the holes, bending and installing the hooks.


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