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August 17, 2012

Rare Yellow Tripoli – Rottenstone, Fossil Flour, Infusorial Earth, Fuller’s Earth, Diatomaceous Earth or Kieselguhr

This is one ounce of pure yellow Tripoli, or rottenstone, etc. etc.  The background card is a Kodak Neutral Grey Card for color correction.  It is a very light yellow color.  It is a filler for light colored woods, either a grain filler or thicker putty, it is also a traditional very fine abrasive, so use properly as it is an irritant.

Here is a bit of the Tripoli that has been moistened with water.  It has a light yellow color, much desired for filing light colored woods.  Also used to remove water soluble fatty acids from raw linseed oil.

I have a small amount of this stuff I have for sale, I will be selling it by the ounce.  It is $6.00 per ounce and $6.00 Shipping, domestic.  Full Chisel Store.



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