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August 21, 2012

Traditional Tanged Spokeshave Blades & Burn Augers

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These are 10 blades plus one and two burn augers or more properly burn broaches as the holes will already be drilled.  The burn auger is heated up cherry red and thrust through the hole broaching a square tapered hole by burning.

These are for a class I will be teaching next month in Reno, Nevada for the Nevada WoodChucks.  I just found out I need two more blades for the class.  I also have them for sale in the Full Chisel Store.

Great blades, all uniform in size and hand forged by Mark Schramm, master blacksmith.

Looking forward to the trip to Nevada, met up with old friends and enjoy the local libation.  These workshops are a lot of fun, this one should be as well.


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