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June 26, 2009

Utah Hand Tool Group

Yes and it has quite a few members.  I had done a presentation for them years ago and was invited back.  Brian Clark hosted the gathering and cooked up some fine food that was served up prior to the meeting.  I was one of two who talked for an hour.  This was on Thursday evening, Chris Gochnour was also in attendance and gave me a ride home.

I also met another professional woodworker Chris Timm who has a business making furniture.  I must go visit his shop.

The first was Matt, and I don’t know his last name from Gabardi & Sons who makes fine infills.  Another member Jim Yehle  also makes excellent infill planes.  Matt does this for a living, a full time plane-maker way out here in the Wild West, go figure.

I was invited to discuss hand scrapers, some had seen my article in Fine Woodworking on making the ‘winged cabinet scraper’ and a couple had built them from the article.  I had various examples including my toothing scraper, travisher scraper and Jarvis scraper.  I also had several card scrapers and the luthier scrapers and talked of using scrapers with two burrs, the bevel and single burr and no burr at all.  I also mentioned using glass as a scraper, apparently vindicating one of the members who uses glass to the disbelief of the others.  It was a fun discussion.

But then for some reason the conversation turned to Hide Glue.  It was a lively discussion, answering questions and referring them to the latest publication on the subject.  Most questions were about Hot Hide Glue but there was also questions about liquid hide glue.  It was exciting to discuss the topic with fellow woodworkers and their inquiries and comments were relevant, instead of ‘why would you write a book about hide glue?’

I unfortunately or fortunately only had 4 copies of the Hide Glue book left and they went quick, with several more wanting copies, which I have already ordered from the printers.


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