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August 9, 2013

Wood Turning On the Foot Treadle Lathe

Always a good idea and in 1922 William Fairham published this book of the same title.

wood turning on the foot treadle lathe

And in 2013 Gary Roberts at Toolemera Press has reproduced this fine English volume on turning on a foot treadle lathe.  The book has some great stuff, good illustrations with patterns of all types of turnings including square turnings.  The square turning is of particular interest, must give it a try.

This book also goes well with the plans for the Wooden Treadle Lathe available at the Full Chisel Store.  Get the book from Gary and the plans from me and you are all set.


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  1. How cool is this? I have a pretty rudimentary lathe that I’m getting ready to fire up again, to try turning a bowl from green wood. I got this lathe for my sixteenth birthday. I didn’t even have my license at the time. I was the rare sort of kid who wasn’t in a rush to start driving. I tried turning a bowl, from a piece of red oak, that was still green. It came out nice, but then as it dried, it cracked into two pieces. 🙁 I want to try again, 30 years later, on that same old lathe -that I still have. This time, I got some instructions from a master bowl turner, Felisha Wild. Here thy are:

    Felisha Wild Teaches the Art of Bowl Turning

    Comment by Kevin Leland — August 9, 2013 @ 11:34 am

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