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October 14, 2013

Hot Hide Glue Pot – with a twist

My friend and master woodcarver Richard MacDonald picked this up at the swap met yesterday and he didn’t even beat the guy down on the price.

glue pot1

At first we couldn’t figure out why it had keyways and keys to orient the inner glue pot in the outer water jacket?  One direction and the glue pot bale handle is at an angle with the water jacket bale handle; the other direction the handles are on the same plane.

glue pot2

It is marked on the tag ‘made in England’ and is marked 6/0 and BH in a diamond on the water jacket and 6/0 on the glue pot, with long sprues on each pot.  Someone has also painted it with aluminum colored paint and all of this for $2.00.

glue pot3

Then it occurred to me why it was designed this way and it is brilliant.  Anyone who has ever heated up hot hide glue on a stove, knows that it can boil over, requiring you to remove the entire glue pot from the heat as it will continue to boil over.  However with this design you simply lift the inner glue pot up, give it a bit of a turn and put it down on the key lugs on the underside of the inner pot.  It continues to keep the heat and does not boil over.

glue pot4

Very clever idea.  When I redo Hide Glue – Historical and Practical Applications, I will include a picture of this unique gluepot.


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  1. A better mousetrap!

    Comment by Gary Roberts — October 14, 2013 @ 12:39 pm

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