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October 23, 2013

1805 Turning Bench [Treadle Lathe] Hardware


treadle lathe parts

Hardware for the 1805 Turning Bench has been difficult for those people building this treadle lathe to find, so after repeated requests I am pleased to offer the complete hardware package for sale at a very reasonable price.

treadle lathe mandrel1

The hardware made to the specifications of the plans and include the headstock mandrel with a slight variation from the old plans, newer sets of plans will include the change.  The center part of the mandrel is 1 1/8″ in diameter; 1″ on the original, this change gives a shoulder for the bearings.


The flywheel crank is as specified on the plans and can be keyed to secure on the wheel and is 3/4″ in diameter.


The tailstock crank and locking nut are also the same as on the plans and the square nut is inlet into the wood of the tailstock to prevent it from turning.

Now people will be able to easily complete their own foot powered treadle lathe with this quality hardware.  You can order it from the Full Chisel Store.


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  1. Thank you Stephen!
    Were I starting anew today, I would purchase this package without hesitation. I couldn’t find a smith anywhere near me (NY tax burden has driven them westward, I understand). So, I substituted modern hardware at the cost of authenticity. My lathe turned out well and I use it often.

    For others, who are just starting, or stalled waiting this hardware, wait no longer. I can give nothing but the highest recommendations for your package … and it’s very reasonable price!

    Comment by Bob Easton — October 23, 2013 @ 11:49 am

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