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July 1, 2014

Five Awls – Hudson Bay Company trade awls

The first picture is of an accurate copy of the Hudson Bay Fur Company trade awls sold by the hundreds to Native Americans in the late 18th and early 19th centuries in North America.  It was made several years ago by my friend Richard James, I handled it up and made the leather sheath.

hudson bay awl

The one pictured below is made by master blacksmith Mark Schramm for me, like I need another awl.

5 awls

I also handled up 4 awls for him to sell, the handles are curly maple.  I rough shaped them with a rasp then scraped them smooth.  The hole is drilled with a small gimblet bit, drills great in end grain and makes the proper shaped hole.  I then heated up one of the awls to cherry red and burned the tapered hole for a perfect fit.

They are finished with Moses T’s Gunstocker’s Finish.  Mark will be selling them at an upcoming event over the Fourth of July Weekend.


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    Here’s another take on Five Alls:

    The “5 Alls” is a pub in Chepstow, with an interesting sign.

    It features, from left to right, caricatures of a soldier who says, ”I Fight for all”; a Bishop,” I pray for All”; A queen who says “ I Rule for All;” the judge “I Plead for All”; and an avuncular John Bull, who says, “ I pay for All”.

    It’s a very old pub and, hopefully is still there.

    All best from Wales


    Comment by handmadeinwood — July 1, 2014 @ 1:41 pm

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