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August 22, 2011

Moses T’s Product Information

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Moses T’s Product Information

Moses T’s takes great pride in the quality and effectiveness of
our all natural, Professional Quality, non polluting furniture care

Our products are the results of years of research and testing. We use only
the finest ingredients, such as Baltic Amber from Russia; Kauri
from Africa; Sandarac from Morocco and Oil of Lavender.
These formulas are based on those used in the 18th and
19th centuries.

Our products Do Not contain processed versions of crude oil commonly
used in polishes, waxes and finishes containing petroleum distillates and a host
of inorganic chemicals that ultimately dry out and damage the furniture they are
intended to protect and are injurious to atmosphere and biology.

We believe Moses T’s to be the finest furniture care product
line available. Our products are more costly because they contain expensive
ingredients that nourish, protect and maintain the integrity and beauty of  your
valuable antiques and fine furniture.

Reviver – A wood & finish treatment

This effective wood and finish treatment dramatically revives
and maintains old dried out wood and finishes including Painted Finishes.
Restores the original finish. Deep penetrating, Reviver
consolidates, stabilizes and conditions even severely damaged pieces. Use on
worm, rot and sun damaged pieces, cracked, crazed or checked finishes.
Re-laminates flaking or delaminating painted finishes. Converts oxidized painted
finishes back to their original color. Not an amalgamator (does not melt the
finish). Removes water rings, water marks, paint splatters, heavy wax build up
and other accumulations when gently rubbed in with fine (0000) steel wool in the
direction of the grain. Use after stripping to neutralize stripper and return
the natural oils and moisture lost through the harsh stripping process.
Eliminates mold and mildew. Cleans grease from kitchen cabinets. Removes smoke
and soot damage from paneling and furniture. Removes smoke order.

Use on:

Old Finishes – Painted finishes – Wooden Statues – Grained
Finishes – Carvings – Rattan & Wicker – Tortoiseshell – Lacquer – Mother of
Pearl – Cane & Rush – Artifacts

Because of the wide variety of different colors of woods and
finishes, Moses T’s products are offered only in their
natural color. If color is missing from the finish or wood it may be added
simply by mixing a small amount of Artists Oil Colors (NOT ACRYLICS) with as
small amount of Reviver to achieve the desired color. A
White (zinc oxide), Black (black iron oxide), Brown (burnt umber), Red (sienna)
and Yellow (ocher) will provide all of the necessary pigments to mix and match
perfectly any missing color. Dry powdered pigments may also be used.

Heavily varnished finishes that have cracked or crazed finish
requires only a light coverage with Reviver to
treat just the cracks and to prevent the oils from penetrating through these
cracks and discoloring the underlying wood. First test in an inconspicuous
place. If this happens immediately wipe off and treat with a desiccant such as
cornmeal, cornstarch or whiting to extract the oils from the wood.

St. John’s Oil – A satin oil finish

An Old World formula for the informed and discriminating
connoisseur of fine Antiques who prefers the traditional (non shiny) satin oil
finish without the deteriorating and drying effects of petroleum based products.
Saint John’s Oil bathes the wood with penetrating,
moisturizing emollients that conditions and protects the wood and finish from
within. A natural Danish oil finish that actually dries. Excellent for that
satin finish on oak or pine. Safe for Painted Finishes.

St. John’s Wax – A light wax oil finish

This wonderful LIGHT WAX oil finish is easy to use and contains
just enough PURE Beeswax to provide maximum wax protection without the heavy wax
build up. Seals and protects. Achieves a moisture barrier to exposed surfaces
such as table tops, outdoor furniture, shutters and doors that need extra
protection from water and exposure. Unlike most other wax products on the
market, St. John’s Wax contains oils which penetrate to condition,
treat and finish while the Pure Beeswax remains on the surface to protect and
can be easily buffed to a beautiful wax luster. Does not water mark or water
ring. Seals in colored waxes. Easier to use than paste wax. Paste wax can not
penetrate or protect and offers a false sense of protection that allows to wood
or finish to dry out. St. John’s Wax is Excellent for
Painted Finishes.

Gunstocker’s Finish – Capable of a high gloss

This Nineteenth Century Ohio River Valley formula was originally
used to achieve the deep luster and high shine associated with fine wooden gun
stocks of the region. The natural moisturizing conditioners penetrate wood or
finish while the hard gums and resins are deposited on the surface to provide
durable protection as well as a high gloss. Helps protect against scratches.
Strengthens soft woods. Safe for Painted Finishes. Use Gunstocker’s
on mahogany and lacquered pieces or wherever a high
gloss and rich luster are desired. Excellent for wood floors. Finishes new wood
in as little as three applications. Wait 24 hours between applications.

Oxyguard – Finish for metal or painted finishes

An all natural oxidation protection for any metal. Cleans
surface accumulation, not abrasive (may be used with 0000 steel wool or fine
bronze wool). Prevents rusting and if applied to rust prevents spreading.
Provides tarnish protection on brass, copper and bronze with a thin coating that
does not chip. Excellent for wrought iron, ornamental iron, cast iron, steel and
sheet metal. Prevents oxidation on pot (gray) metal and pewter. Safe for Painted
Metal Finishes. Oxyguard is also excellent for
vehicles, RV’s, boats and planes. Provides lasting shine on vinyl, plastics and
plastic laminates as well as oxidized exterior finishes. Protects from sun and
heat damage. Provides exceptional results on fiberglass and other hard resin
finishes. Excellent for sporting goods. Gently and effectively removes road tar
and tree pitch. Protection that lasts.

Leather Reviver – Restores old dried out leather

This exceptional leather treatment and cleaner renews pliability
and flexibility to old dried out leather as well as keeping new leather looking
beautiful. Provides lasting protection, conditions and waterproofs. Removes
surface accumulations. Deep penetrating Leather
consolidates, strengthens and moisturizes
brittle powdery and disintegrating leather. Treats red rot. Leather
also treats hides, skins and furs to reduce hair loss
(apply to skin side – not hair side). Not recommended for suede and will like
other oil products darkens most leather.


The oils used in Moses T’s All Natural Products are long bond
complex natural polymer molecules that because of their small size penetrates
deeply and provides protection from within thereby strengthening the internal
structure of the finish, wood or leather. Unaffected by ultraviolet radiation.
These oils actually dry. All other products that contain petroleum
distillates, lemon or orange oil, never dry. They are merely cosmetic and
do not treat or protect but evaporate and dry out the wood and finish causing
further damage.


All the wax, gums and resins in Moses T’s products are huge
sticky molecules that can not penetrate the wood fibers or finish but are
deposited on the surface where they protect from exposure.


KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Warning: Contains turpentine, not
for internal use. If accidentally swallowed DO NOT induce vomiting, seek
Professional help. If contact with eyes flush immediately with water. Use
Adequate Ventilation.


Dispose of Oily Rags Properly. Spread out to dry in airy place or
soak with water and place in outside trash. Spontaneous Combustion Hazard. This
product, like all oils will darken raw, untreated wood.


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  1. I used the Moses T Oxidation stuff on my automobile’s cloudy headlight leses and on the rear view mirror cowlings which had oxidized badly after the clear coat started peeling. They look wonderful now!

    Comment by Tracy Mutter — September 6, 2011 @ 10:19 pm

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